Table of Contents Chapter 16 16.3 Substantival possessive pronouns
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Chapter 16: Possessive Pronouns

  16.3 Substantival possessive pronouns

We had a look at the possessive pronouns that go together with a noun - just like they were adjectives (therefore the name adjectival). Now we would like to present the possessive pronouns that do not accompany a noun but stand instead of a noun (= substantival). Have a look at these examples.

  Dieses Auto gefällt mir. = This car I like.  
  Dieses gefällt mir. = This (one) I like.  
  Mein Auto gefällt mir. = I like my car.  
  Meines gefällt mir. = I like mine.  

You can notice already now that there are differences in the use and declension. Therefore the possessives are presented separately. A total overview will be given in chapter 16.5.