Table of Contents Chapter 18 18.6 Werden to form the passive voice
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Chapter 18: The verb werden

  18.6 Werden to form the passive voice
Normally in a sentence we have a subject that is doing something.

He drinks coffee.
She reads a book.
We go to the U.S..

Then there is the type of sentence where the subject is actually not active but passive. If you look at the following sentences and just ask yourself Who did it? You'll find that there is actually nobody mentioned.

He was sentenced to two years in prison. (Who did sentence the poor guy?)
We were treated like criminals. (Who treated us like criminals?)
This article was read by many people. (Who read this article?)

In the examples, we have already seen the structure of the English passive voice. The Germans have here - again - some more possibilities. Let's have a look. But first a short repetition: