Table of Contents Chapter 19 19.7.6 Exercise 6: Reported speech III
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Chapter 19: Conjunctive, Conditional and Reported speech

  19.7.6 Exercise 6: Reported speech III

Put these phrases into reported speech with and without the conjunction dass.

  He said: "I go to Spain."  
  He said that he went to Spain.  
  Er sagte:"Ich gehe nach Spanien."
  Er sagte, dass er nach Spanien gehe.  
  Er sagte, er gehe nach Spanien.  

They said: "We will give him a bicycle."
  They said that
they would give him a bicycle.
  Sie sagten:"Wir schenken ihm ein Fahrrad.
  She said: "I don't give him money."
  She said that
she didn't give him money.
  Sie sagte: "Ich gebe ihm kein Geld."
  She said: "I have not given him money."
  She said that
she had not given him money.
  Sie sagte:"Ich habe ihm kein Geld gegeben."
  You said: "We have not been invited."
  You said that
you had not been invited.
Ihr sagtet:"Wir sind nicht eingeladen gewesen."
  You said: "We are not paid yet."
  You said that
we were not paid yet.
  Ihr sagtet:"Man hat uns noch nicht bezahlt."

Example: questions
  She asks: Why don't you leave me alone?" Sie fragt: "Warum lässt du mich nicht in Ruhe?  
  She asks why don't you leave her alone. Sie fragt, warum ich sie nicht in Ruhe lasse.  
  He asks: "Do you like the music?" Er fragt: "Gefällt dir diese Musik?"
  He asks whether I like the music. Er fragt, ob mir diese Musik gefalle.

He asks: "Do you have a coffee?"
  He asked whether I had a coffee.
  Er fragt: "Hast du einen Kaffee?"
  The asked: "Have you stolen the car?"
  They asked whether we had stolen the car.
  Sie fragten: "Habt ihr das Auto gestohlen."
  They ask: "Why did you do it?"
  They ask why you did it.
  Sie fragen: "Warum habt ihr das gemacht?"
  He asked: "Why don't you drink your coffee?"
  He asked why I didn't drink my coffee.
  Er fragte: "Warum trinkst du deinen Kaffee nicht?"
  They asked: "How many are there?"
  They asked how many there were.
  Sie fragten: "Wieviele sind es?"
  We ask: "Which car do you want?"
  We ask which car you want.
  Wir fragten:"Welches Auto wollt ihr?"