Table of Contents Chapter 29 29.2.1 declension of ordinal numbers

Chapter 29: Numerals

  29.2.1 declension of ordinal numbers

Ordinal numbers are declined the same way as adjectives. The declension of adjectives was presented in the chapter about Adjectives. As this chapter is quite difficult we give a short summary on the main issues. Five cases are to be distinguished in reference of the declension of adjectives (and also of the ordinal numbers).

1) declension of adjectives without any article
2) declension of adjectives with an indefinite article
3) declension of adjectives with a definite article
4) declension of adjectives with a possessive pronoun
5) declension of substantivated adjectives

Within these five cases the three genders are to be distinguished, masculine, feminine and neutral. A complete table of all the cases can be found in the above mentioned chapter.