Table of Contents Chapter 30 30.6 Days of the week
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Chapter 30: Time and Date

  30.6 Days of the week

  Days of the week    
Montag Monday
  Dienstag Tuesday
  Mittwoch Wednesday
  Donnerstag Thursday
  Freitag Friday
  Samstag Saturday
  Sonntag Sunday

Idiomatic expressions with weekdays.

  Montags, dienstags, mittwochs etc.  
= Mondays; each Monday; every Monday
  Montags geh ich immer einkaufen.
= On Mondays/each Monday/every Monday I (always) go shopping.
= Tuesdays; each Tuesday; every Tuesday
  Dienstags geh ich immer schwimmen.
= On Tuesdays/each Tuesday/every Tuesday I (always) go swimming.

  Am Montag, am Dienstag, am Mittwoch etc.  
Er kommt am Montag.
= He comes on Monday.
  Er hat mir am Donnerstag gesagt, dass er nicht kommt.
= He told me on Thursday that he does not come.